Stainless and Titanium Grasshopper Vaporizers
An exceptional tool for exploration, imagination, and creativity.

Designed and built in the USA, the Grasshopper vaporizer carries a lifetime warranty. Its solid stainless steel or titanium construction, unparalleled power, and size make it industry leading in almost every way possible.

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Grasshopper Vaporizers In The Wild

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The Grasshopper has been receiving some stellar reviews! It’s not just the professionals raving about performance, build-quality and stealth but members of the community too. Click on the slider images above for links to the reviews.

Designed By Hopper Labs

The Grasshopper represents the conceptual ideals of just a few individuals who designed every aspect. This produced a synergy absent from most of today's consumer products. See our video on how we did it and what Hopper Labs is about.

Try the Grasshopper

We gave the hopper to a group of dispensary employees and told them to give us their first reactions. This is what they had to say.