Hopper Labs 4/20 Wrap-up

First off we hope everyone had a wonderful 4/20. This year we attended the rally in Denver, Co. As Denver is just 40 minutes from our facilities in Boulder, it was an obvious choice to bring some of the team down and showcase the Grasshopper.

Hopper Labs spent the day educating the public about flower vapes and talking about the Grasshopper's features. There are still so many people who still have never heard of a vape for flower. It was a great experience, and we enjoyed making new friends and earning some customers. There were a few Hopper owners out in the crowd. We are still new and relatively unknown, so it was great to see some of the family out there on 4/20. Meeting some original backers was a highlight of the event. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat!

The new Performance front-end, paired with a bong, was a big hit. Everyone one seems to love this added feature. We also launched new hat and tee designs which will be online this week.

Thanks for reading and look for us at more events in the near future!


Hopper Labs on YouTube

May 2, 2017 / Cleaning, Maintenance, Tips & Tricks, Usage Guide

Hopper Labs recently launched a new YouTube Channel where we are posting videos about Hopper use and production. Videos are uploaded weekly, along with monthly giveaways and special events all on the channel. Subscribe here. Our latest video covers some of the testing and quality control that happens at our assembly facility. We've been working on improving the testing processes for the last two years.

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