Best Practices

The Hopper Labs team and customers sat down last week to come up with a list of Grasshopper best practices. The following tips are the results of that session. These tips will keep your unit in great shape. See our YouTube Channel for more!

1. Don't overfill your chamber. A loose pack will give you better airflow and faster extraction. If you are packing your chamber tight there is less room for hot air to vaporize your herbs. You'll have to take longer, slower draws, which are not ideal for the Hopper.

2. Turn the device off 5 seconds before your draw is over. Clicking your Hopper off a little before the end of your draw will help clear out any hot vapor, keeping your unit cool and giving you maximum extraction.

3. Keep your Hopper off as much as possible. The Hopper's fast heat up time means you should have the device off all of the time you are not drawing on it. Click it on, draw right after the lights turn blue and switch it off 5 seconds before you're done. Not only will you be extending your battery life but your device will stay cooler, and you'll get more out of you herbs.

4. Place your lips further back on the mouthpiece. The Grasshopper has a tapered mouthpiece, and the narrower the taper gets, the closer your lips will be to that hot stream of vapor. If your taking longer draws put your lips further back.

5. Swap your batteries. Keep spare batteries on hand and recycle older ones once they start to show their age. The Hopper was meant to have the battery changed. Early and often is the best way to maintain optimal performance. Nothing is going to affect your Hopper more than a worn out battery. Blog Post on Hopper Batteries here. 

6. Keep it Clean. A sure way to problems is allowing your device to build up resin or plant material where it shouldn't be. Swabbing out you chamber with a dry q-tip at the end of your session is an easy first step. See our full blog post on cleaning.

Have a tip that works for you? Let us know at!


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