Design Series - Grasshopper Backend

The Backend is the technical designation for the On/Off button and temperature dial component of the Grasshopper. A jam-packed piece of machined stainless steel contains a circuit board, microcontroller, springs,  temperature dial, On/Off button, clip, and battery access threading. This compact and complex piece is responsible for the user interface and easy operation of the device


  • Mechanical On/Off button
  • Rotating dial for temperature adjustment
  • Machined tick mark indicators
  • Pen Clip, doubles as unloading tool
  • Threaded end to allow battery access 

Design Insight:

The Grasshopper Vaporizer's backend is one of the most mechanically complex parts of the device. Not only does it act as the user interface but also as a point of power transfer, monitors battery voltage, and controls the auto-off features. Inside the backend, there are four springs, a printed circuit board, microcontroller, position sensor and power contacts. In addition, the backend accommodates a large button travel and a rotating axis for the temperature dial.

After looking at what was available off-the-shelf nothing had the tactile feel of an authentic pen button. Using a series of nested springs and machined metal parts we created a simple, reliable and satisfying mechanism. The button's travel, obvious placement, and feel make it ideal for intuitive operation. The machined parts, springs, and molds were all designed in-house to meet the size constraints. The smooth action comes from a self-lubricating plastic that is molded over the stainless steel.  Logical and familiar, it's rare to find a user who doesn't instantly know how to turn the Grasshopper on. 

As with the button, the dial is created to capitalize on mechanics over electronics. These mechanical systems last longer and are obvious to the user from the start. Just turn the dial to increase or decrees your vaping temperature. While there are five distinct tick marks machined into the exterior, the whole range of temperatures from 266° F to 410° F is available in 1-degree increments.

Active electronics in the backend monitor dial position, battery voltage, the user's draws and more. Contained on a tiny round circuit board every millimeter of space was utilized to make it possible. 


There are a few maintenance checks that should be performed every month.

1. Keep your battery contact clean. If there is any dirt or build up on the battery contact, we suggest using a dry toothbrush to clean it. You may also do a light scrubbing with 600 grit sandpaper shine the surface. This will help keep good contact with your battery, increasing efficiency. 

2. Keep your threads clean. As you remove and replace your battery dirt and grease may build up on the threads of your device. Use a dry toothbrush to clean in this area.

3. Keep the back surface and button clean. This is the area your magnetic charger attaches too. It is important that this surface stays clean and debris free.


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