Frequently Asked User Questions

Often, I hear a soft ticking noise while I'm either using my Hopper or when it is on the charger. Is this normal?

Yes, the Hopper can be heard making a soft tick as it operates. The sound is due to the high-power heating element switching on-and-off to maintain accurate temperature. The ticking is normal.

Is it advisable to use the Hopper while charging?

You can use the Hopper while charging. It will not affect the performance of the device and will help to extend the battery life. Simultaneously using the Hopper and charging is great if you are also using a water piece. Now that the Performance Front-end is released, you can securely leave your Hopper in your water pipe with the charger connected.

How long do the batteries work (hold a charge) with daily use before it's time to order more?

The Hopper battery will last between 150-250 cycles depending on operating conditions. Batteries degrade on a spectrum over time. You will lose a little capacity each time until the battery becomes unusable. It is mostly up to the user to decide when they need a new battery. We have kept the battery price low from day one to encourage users to keep spares and replace worn cells. Remember that a battery's performance will suffer in colder temperatures. For more info on batteries see our full Hopper Battery post here.

My Front-end screen unscrewed. Is there an at home fix I can perform?

The screen in the Front-end can occasionally come loose if resin builds up. Keeping your device clean is the best way to prevent this from happening. See our Glass Vial for a good cleaning aid.  If the screen becomes loose, you may have trouble fully screwing the Front-end onto the body. Our warranty department will be more than happy to fix this for you. If you would rather not send the unit in, you might try these tweezers suggested by other users. We cannot guarantee this will work and we strongly recommend you send in the unit if you do not feel confident fixing the problem. If the screen becomes damaged in your attempts to fix it yourself, it will void your warranty on the Front-end. Hopper Labs suggests you never intentionally remove the screen.

How to take care of the Hopper outside? Are moisture and condensation bad for my Hopper?

The Hopper is designed to accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle and does not require special precautions when outside or traveling. It is, of course, best to keep moisture out of the device and the air holes free of lint and dirt. Excessive moisture exposure could ruin the electronics, but they are resistant to most conditions short of submersion.

What’s the best grind to use for the Hopper? Fine or Coarse?

Due to the pure convection style of vaporization, the grind of your herbs is not as important as it might be with other devices. Users often report an excellent experience without grinding their herbs at all. For the best performance, we recommend a medium grind as this will increase the surface area of the material and keep material from passing through the screens. A useful tip is to not over pack the chamber. The herbs should be placed loosely inside the chamber and not firmly packed.


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In our latest post and new video, we are showing off the Grasshopper's simple and elegant features. There are so many vapes on the market, but you might notice nothing is similar to the Grasshopper. Find out why as we cover, temperature settings, chamber, on/off operation, battery swaps and more. See the video here.

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