Getting Started With Hopper Labs

You're interested in a Grasshopper but, which one? What do you need to get started and what can wait for later?

If you're on a tight budget look at purchasing our Stainless Steel (SS) device, it is the most bang for your buck. The SS Hopper is a fantastic vaporizer at an incredibly low price. When Hopper Labs first decided to build a better vaporizer, it was important that the price was as low as possible. Even our cheaper models share the same power and functionality as the more expensive units. How does it stack up? Look at the comparison chart below for a price verse average rating of other devices. 

 The Grasshopper is constantly rated equal to or better than these devices. * Image Credit - Vaporizer Wizard

If you have a little more to spend and want to be rocking something slick, the Titanium (TI) Grasshopper or anodized colors are what you need. At a price under $250.00, they are still significantly cheaper than the base models of other manufacturers. Titanium is an awesome material, its strength to weight ratio is almost freaky, and you can't beat the smooth look. What other consumer product has this much TI in it?

If something truly custom is what you're after the Heat Treated Grasshopper might be for you. It is a custom colorized TI hopper, that truly stands out as a piece of art. See our limited selection here.

So you know what type of Hopper you want but, what about accessories? Hopper Labs offers useful accessories, and you'll see more coming in 2017! Here is our ranked list of what to buy first.

  1. Extra Batteries
  2. Performance Front-end (PFE)
  3. Extra Silicone Mouth Piece (SMP)
  4. Glass Cleaning Vial
  5. Extra USB Charger

Here's our logic. The Hopper is a small device, and so is the battery. Grab a spare battery or two as your first accessory. See our full blog post on the Hopper batteries here.

Next, if you already own a water-pipe, bong, or other glass pieces, we highly recommend the PFE. The PFE will transform your very portable Hopper into one of the best home vapes. Huge clouds of water cooled vapor, what's not to be excited about?

An extra SMP will make sharing your Hopper with others a germ-free experience, especially import during these winter months. The Glass Cleaning Vial is just $5.00 and will keep your front-end from getting gummed up. The Extra USB Charger is great for anyone who is on-the-go. Leave one at home and bring your spare so you can charge your hopper off a power pack or any other convenient USB port.

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Grasshopper Batteries

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It’s getting colder, and snow has finally arrived in Colorado! Tis the season to prepare for the holidays, which a Hopper can certainly help with ;) . Since many of us intend to get outside this winter, we’re taking the time this post to discuss the Hopper’s battery performance and the effects of cold weather.

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