New Goals, New Products

We hope everyone has had a great Spring, and as we enter Summer, we hope you'll be enjoying music festivals, shows, events, and of course your Grasshopper. Hopper Labs has a busy summer planned as we look to make big steps toward three major goals.

1. Drop the Grasshopper failure rate to .1% or lower
2. Release the new products which have been in development
3. Get out to events and meet all of you there!

Hopper Labs has drastically improved the reliability of the Grasshopper over the last year. We've seen a significant reduction in the percentage of devices that need service. It is important to realize that even with a 1% failure rate, we will see hundreds of customers with problems. This is why Hopper Labs is making a .1% or lower failure rate our number one priority. We are implementing internal changes and part revisions until we achieve this goal. As with our goal of building the Grasshopper and subsequently delivering to our backlog of customers, we will achieve success in elimination of any issues.

A few new products are getting close to release. The Leather Sleeve is back in production after a manufacturer change and some design tweaks. The sleeve now covers your entire device. Providing more protection from scratches, dings, and dents. Hopper Labs is also planning the release of both the Stainless Steel Case and a super fast external battery charger. These items will follow the release of the Leather Sleeve later in summer.

The Hopper Labs crew will be out at shows and events this summer, and we hope to see you there. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see where we'll be. Show us where you are taking your Grasshopper with the hashtag "#grasshoppervape". Submit a photo of your Hopper, and we'll be giving away prizes each week all summer long!

16 JUN

Design Series - Grasshopper Backend

Jun 16, 2017 / Cleaning, Tips & Tricks

The Backend is the technical designation for the On/Off button and temperature dial component of the Grasshopper. A jam-packed piece of machined stainless steel contains a circuit board, microcontroller, springs,  temperature dial, On/Off button, clip, and battery access threading. This compact and complex piece is responsible for the user interface and easy operation of the device

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28 MAY

Best Practices

May 28, 2017 / Tips & Tricks

The Hopper Labs team and customers sat down last week to come up with a list of Grasshopper best practices. The following tips are the results of that session. These tips will keep your unit in great shape. See our YouTube Channel for more!

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Hopper Labs on YouTube

May 2, 2017 / Cleaning, Maintenance, Tips & Tricks, Usage Guide

Hopper Labs recently launched a new YouTube Channel where we are posting videos about Hopper use and production. Videos are uploaded weekly, along with monthly giveaways and special events all on the channel. Subscribe here. Our latest video covers some of the testing and quality control that happens at our assembly facility. We've been working on improving the testing processes for the last two years.

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    Hello Hoppers! It’s been without a doubt a tumultuous 6 months. As you all know, over this period we've had to delay our operations due to issues arising with our previous manufacturer. This has angered a fragment of our new/existing user base because we’ve been unable to fulfill both new orders and RMA’s in a timely manner, and for that, we’re truly sorry. Nonetheless, we’re continuing an ongoing effort to share what has transpired and where we are headed next.

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