Shipping Update July

Find shipping updates below. For more information feel free to email

Please note that this shipping update report is only an estimation and not an exact representation of delivery. The dates given here represent a range in of which Grasshopper products are shipping currently. Due to fluctuations in customer ordering and requested warranty service some date ranges are slower to move through than others. Production and warranty service speed also fluctuates with the supply of necessary components. If you Hopper is ready to ship but there are other out of stock items on your order it may cause a delay. You may elect for discounted shipping to split the order into two. 

7/8/2017 - Production is currently at 200 units and warranties being produced or serviced per week. A few parts are on order from manufacturers that have caused a delay with specific new units. 

Stainless Grasshopper - (Currently shipping Jan-Early April) Stainless Hoppers are running behind other devices due to the volume ordered in March and April. Most devices are 70-90% completed up to current ordering. We are currently waiting on a back-end component from an overseas supplier. They are late on delivery of this part but we expect it to arrive this month (July). 420 kits are at the front of the production schedule once this part arrives and will ship soon after.  

Titanium Grasshopper - (Currently shipping June-July) Titanium Hoppers have been bouncing around caught up and a 1-2 week ship time. Once the new assembly lines were rolling, we were quickly able to fulfill these orders with on-hand inventory. The Titanium Grasshopper is the most "caught up" with almost all orders currently fulfilled. The lead time is now going to jump out to 4 weeks as supplies of a few parts are on order and have not arrived. We also expect the focus to shift later this month to Stainless Hoppers as parts arrive to complete the backlog of those units. 

Color Grasshoppers - (Currently shipping Jan - Late April) Color Grasshoppers are delivering in a wide range of dates depending on the Color. Dark Grey and Blue are working their way to in May orders. Green and Purple sit around early April. Bronze Hoppers are catching up, but we were lagging behind previously. Rose and Electric Blue have had the longest delay due to the additional steps necessary to make these custom units. We can offer color switches but we expect them to start going out this month. 

Heat Treated - (Current) Heat Treated Hoppers are currently being fulfilled in 1-2 days, and we expect them to remain current while they are in stock. HT units are produced in batches separate to regular Grasshopper Production. 

Accessories - Accessories have their listed ship time displayed on the website

Out-of-stock and on order -  (10-25 days) - Bronze PFEs, Blue PFEs

Pre-Order Items -  The Stainless Case and External Charger both have had a lot of delays. They are expected to ship later this year. The exact date is not yet known but September/October is our current estimation. We have completed the design and testing phases and are just waiting on production and delivery for these items. Once here we will assemble and test each unit, then ship them to customers. We will have more progress updates as we go forward. Once released the pricing will change from pre-order prices to the higher normal pricing.  

Warranty - Currently servicing December and January with standard upgrades and repairs. If you Hopper has more complex issues it may still be in service before these dates as a more experienced technician reviews them. We are expecting the backlog to be cleared in 12- 16 weeks. There are new warranty procedures which will inform you when your device is almost complete from service. You must reply to this address confirmation request or your device will not be returned. Too many devices have been shipped to old address due to the delay in service. 

We wish to keep you informed and updated on all our progress. This post is in response to our most recent update and user requests for more information. Please feel free to give us further feedback at We are working extremely hard with limited staff to maintain a tight budget and deliver your warranties and ordered products. 

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    Find shipping updates below. For more information feel free to email

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