How do I change my shipping address?

Send an email to with the heading “Address Change”. Please include your order number and new address in the body text. To update your address for your warranty request, please send a new message on your warranty request. 

How are Grasshoppers shipped?

Grasshoppers are shipped via USPS. They are packed in plain cardboard, free from company logos. Tracking information will be made available.

Why is the wait time so long?

The wait time is due to a variety of factors. Grasshoppers are not built like most other products. Due to the custom nature of the parts in the Grasshopper, a wide range of specialized manufacturers is necessary. Parts arrive here at our facility and are assembled on-site. This ensures an excellent standard of quality but takes a little longer. Because we are a small company, we don’t have a large stock of the product at any given time.

Will I be charged now or on shipping?

When placing an order, you will be charged at the completion of the checkout process. We know this isn’t ideal for many of you, but it is a requirement as of right now due to our company’s small size.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! We can ship to almost any country.

Does the Grasshopper include a Silicone Mouthpiece?

We have discontinued the inclusion of the Silicone Mouthpiece with the purchase of a Grasshopper Vaporizer. For those looking to extend your session or share your Grasshopper with friends, we recommend checking out the Performance Front-end. These extras are available in the accessories section of the store.

Is the Leather Sleeve included with the Titanium and Color Grasshoppers?

The Leather Sleeve is not included with any Grasshoppers. It was previously included with backer and pre-ordered units before 8/24/15. Any units ordered after this time do not include the Leather Sleeve. This change was made due to the popularity of the metal cases.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Grasshopper?

The Grasshopper is 140mm (5.50in) in length and 14.0mm (0.55in) diameter. It weighs 66.6g (2.35oz).

What is the capacity of the Chamber?

The chamber is 1.2cc. It fits about 1/4 teaspoon of packed herbs.

Can I fill the chamber partially?

Yes, the Grasshopper works equally well with a partial or full chamber. This is due to the shape of the chamber and the method of vaporization. See “Is the Grasshopper a convection or conduction device?”

Is the Grasshopper a convection or conduction device?

The Grasshopper is a pure convection device. It uses a patented heat exchanger that heats air on-demand, as you take a draw. This means less waiting for the vaporizer to heat up, and allows for ultra-efficient use of battery power.

What is the Battery Life of the device?

The battery will vaporize 3-4 chambers of herbs before needing to be replenished.

Can I use the Grasshopper while it is charging?

Yes, the magnetic charging ring allows use while charging.

Why has the pricing changed?

As the cost of production has risen we’ve made the necessary adjustments to pricing in order to continue as a viable business. We believe in building the absolute best product and providing that to our customers at a reasonable price point. Our price structure reflects those goals.

What herbs can I vaporize in my Grasshopper?