Grasshopper Dry-Cannabis Vaporizer

Welcome to the home of the world's most advanced portable vaporizer. Designed and built in the USA, the Grasshopper carries a lifetime warranty. Its solid stainless steel or titanium construction, unparalleled power and size make it industry leading in almost every way possible.

The Grasshopper Features:

  • 5-Second Heat-up Time

  • Wide Temperature Adjustment (266°F-410F°)

  • Stainless Steel or Titanium Construction

  • Rechargeable and Swappable Battery for on-the-go power

  • Compatible with 14mm Glass

  • Lifetime Warranty


The Hopper Discount Coin Gets You:

  • An Exclusive Discount on Grasshopper Products

  • Use Your Coin Code at Checkout

  • Helps Support The Event You Attended and Cannabis

Stainless Steel


Color Titanium


The Hopper Discount Coin

You've received a Hopper Discount Coin which gives you access to an exclusive discount on a Grasshopper. Hopper Labs partners with events around to country to bring these discounts to attendees. We work to support Cannabis Events, Music Festivals, Film Festivals and more.

How the Grasshopper Works

The Grasshopper uses hot air to extract oil from plant material without combustion. As the herbs in the chamber are heated, the oil trapped inside boils off and forms vapor. This process creates a smooth and efficient experience, free from the harshness of combustion.

The Grasshopper is the only portable vaporizer with a powerful enough heat exchanger to allow instant vapor production and delivery.

A Better Way

Combustion destroys up to 50% of the oil and active components within Cannabis. It is detrimental to your health and wildly inefficient.

The Grasshopper's convection vaporization system completely eliminates combustion. Users of the Grasshopper experience increased delivery and consume less herb per-use. 

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