1. Performs Best With Dry-Herbs

You'll want your herbs to be dried out, meaning all the water is removed from them. The more water that is in your plant material, the longer it will take before vaporization of the oils in the plant starts. Pack your chamber loosely. A tight pack will just make the draw resistance uncomfortable. A little pinch to a full chamber will yield great results! The Grasshopper has incredible extraction power, so don't be surprised when your session takes less time than it used to.

2. Turn the Unit On and Off

The Grasshopper has the uniquely fast heat-up of just 5 seconds. The device is designed to be turned on and off between every draw. Click the device on and take your draw right as the lights turn blue. Click the device off right at the end of your 15-20 second draw to remove all the vapor and warm air from the chamber. Repeat as desired. Leaving the device on like you would most vaporizers will result in it becoming uncomfortably hot and lead to an unpleasant experience!

3. Take Short, Firm Draws

Other vapes require a slow and steady draw that lasts between 30 and 90 seconds. This type of draw is not ideal for the Grasshopper. The Grasshopper comes equipped with a very powerful 45-watt heater, a microcontroller to monitor temperature in real-time and a very short vapor path. Its design allows for quick and easy vaporization. Your draw should be faster than with other vapes and last 15-20 seconds. Near the end of your draw, click the device off to allow for all the vapor and warm air to be cleared from the chamber. For longer sessions consider a PFE and 14mm-18mm adapter to use directly on the device or through a bubbler. 

4. Battery Life

When designing the Grasshopper, we knew to make it the world's smallest convection vaporizer we would have to make a few trade-offs. The Grasshopper contains a custom designed battery, with a very high discharge rate. The Grasshopper has the power and size necessary to make the device possible but also battery life that is shorter than with other devices. To mitigate this effect, we built in a simple way to swap the battery and committed to providing easy access to cheap replacements. It's recommended to pick up at least one spare and replacing them every so often with fresh ones.

5. Extraction Power

The Grasshopper uses a powerful pure-convection heater, a short vapor path, and low thermal mass to produce the most efficient experience possible. You won't be losing out on any of the active ingredients due to build-up in a long vapor path or the inefficiencies of conduction. Be aware that you might extract all the oil from your herbs faster than you're used to but rest assured nothing will be wasted!