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The Hopper Battery Charger is a high-performance lithium-ion battery charger designed specifically for the Grasshopper Battery. By pairing state-of-the-art electronics with Hopper Labs' atypical machined stainless steel construction processes, we've created a robust, solid-state and high-speed external charger. Designed from the ground-up specifically for the Grasshopper battery, the Hopper BC is the fastest and safest charging method for your batteries. 

The Hopper BC is currently available for pre-order at $80.00 and limited to 1,000 units. Deliveries begin 2019.


  • 3-Channel 15-minute Grasshopper battery charger
  • 12W per channel / 36W maximum
  • USB Type-C Power Delivery 2.0 Compliant
  • Intelligent current modulation for long battery life
  • Rugged solid-state design
  • Stainless Steel construction


What is the difference? 

Most standard lithium-ion battery chargers use cheap low-grade electronics to charge batteries slowly and inefficiently. While these standard chargers work for most lithium-ion cells, they are far from optimized. For the Hopper BC, we developed powerful electronics and control software specifically for the Grasshopper Battery. See our design video above.


1 Grasshopper Battery Charger, 1 Cable (Choose either Type-C to Type-C or Type-C to USB)

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