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Please log in to your account and ensure you have a registered Grasshopper in order to proceed.

Product Description

For this item, you must be an existing Grasshopper owner and send in your Back-end, or purchase a new one. You can add engraving to a new item on that items page. Please indicate which you would like to do when you submit your design. Engraving is done on the clip. You may use up to 14 characters of text. After you complete checkout, submit your custom design or text (same cost) to engraving@ghvape.com. Please include your order ID.

To Submit Your Design:

  • 14 Characters maximum length (without Icon)
  • A new Back-end is $80 for Stainless and $95 for Titanium or Color (email us to purchase) 
  • Font will be Arial (Icons are available, see below)
  • Put the text you would like engraved in quotes " "(Don't worry, the quotes will be left off the engraving) 
  • After checkout send an email to engraving@ghvape.com with the heading "Engraving Design"
  • Include your Order ID Number


Icons can be added to a clip. They are equivalent to 3 characters. To add an icon to your design use the curly brackets { }. You can send us an icon to include on our clip. It must be a black and white image. 

Examples: "Hopper Labs {Peace}" Or "Mary {Heart} Jane"

If you would like a custom design but cannot meet our specifications, we can do the design for you at an additional cost. We will quote you the cost at engraving@ghvape.com

There are no refunds or exchanges on engraved items once they are completed.