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Product Description

Made from high-grade Stainless, the Hopper Steel Case provides ultimate protection for your Grasshopper. Designed to accommodate those who are always traveling, going to shows or are often away from home, the case fits your Grasshopper, two extra batteries, and 6cc of herbs. There is nothing that keeps your device clean and scratch-free quite like the Hopper Steel Case.

The Hopper Steel Case is currently available for pre-order at $45.00 and limited to 1,000 units. Deliveries begin 2019.

Hopper Labs went through 7 design iterations and spent two years developing a case which was both small and functional. The result was a unique triangle, with curved edges to match the contour of the Hopper and batteries. Magnetic caps allow for intuitive operation, a secure fit and seal. 

Key Features:

    • Secure and discreet storage for your Grasshopper

    • Room for two extra batteries

    • Smell Inhibiting

    • Powerful Magnetic Cap


      • 32mm H X 32mm W X 170mm L (1.26in X 1.26in X 6.70in)

      • 6cc herb storage chamber

      • High-impact resistance

      • Laser Engraving Available

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