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March 2017

Product Description

The Grasshopper is a revolutionary portable vaporizer. Designed by a small team of engineers with a passion for innovation, it utilizes some of the most cutting-edge technologies available today. Every part of the Grasshopper was built from the ground-up, allowing the device to be as powerful and compact as possible.

The Grasshopper was built to be part of your life. Whether you're climbing a mountain, sitting at a cafe, or just lounging around the house, the durable and ergonomic design makes it perfect for just about everyone. Click here to see our Information page!


“If NASA made vaporizers, I reckon they would look like this. Fits in your top pocket nicely, heats up within seconds." -Vice

“With the Grasshopper, you already know how to use it right out of the box.” - The Cannabist

“The Grasshopper is one of the most exciting things to happen to the cannabis industry in a long time.” - Sneaky Pete

"No vape is like the Grasshopper. On-demand heat, large bowl, evenly vapes herbs, and a lifetime warranty.” - Vaporizer Wizard


  • Specifically designed for dry or loose-leaf herbs

  • Adjustable temperature range between 130°C - 210°C (266°F - 410°F)

  • 5-second startup time

  • User-replaceable battery

  • True convection technology

  • 95% metal construction

  • Mechanical button for great on/off feel

  • Magnetic charging connection


  • 14mm Diameter X 140mm Length (0.55in X 5.50in)

  • 45-watt heater

  • 1.2cc herb chamber


Why is the wait so long? The Grasshopper has been so popular that manufacturing has not been able to keep up. We are sold out through the estimated delivery date. The delivery date will change as more people order, so it pays to get your order in as soon as you can.

Includes: One Stainless Steel Grasshopper, one Magnetic Charger and one Silicone Mouthpiece.

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